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Richard Cohen, President, Reliable-Financial

Richard was born in Newark, New Jersey, and was the third child in the Cohen family.

They moved to Bayonne, New Jersey, where Richard grew up. Richard attended Fairleigh Dickerson University and then embarked upon a career. He started in the Banking industry in a division dedicated to clients with a minimum portfolio of $250,000.

Richards’ career followed down several paths, always focused on helping clients find the right financial product to keep their money safe. Later, Richards’ career soared into the life insurance industry, winning major awards and recognized as a top producer.

As a Financial Specialist, Richard is dedicated to helping families protect themselves and their retirement savings. He implements honesty and transparency with each client to find them the best plan for their financial situation. He works with his existing clients to make sure their policies are in place and to helps new clients find the best products.

Richard reflects often on his life, being thankful for Merydith and his family for everything he has after being a survivor of the first tower down in 9/11. Losing his job and having young children during that time, he is proud of the obstacles he overcame and the success he has reached since that fateful day.

Richard and Merydith have been married for over 19 years and have a total of five children and one grandchild. In his free time, Richard enjoys anything sports related. He’s a big fan of all Chicago sports teams after his father who grew up there. He stays active playing pickleball and working out to stay in shape. Richard loves to travel with Merydith, especially to warm beaches like Hawaii.

About Merydith

Merydith Endelman, partner, Reliable-Financial

Merydith was born in New York City and moved to the country of Mexico with her parents when she was nine years old. After graduating from Universidad de las Americas with a degree in Art History and Fine Arts, she moved back to New York to pursue a career.

Dedicated to the arts, Merydith started a jewelry company five years after coming back to New York City. The company was successful as a manufacturer and wholesaler of 14K jewelry to major retail department stores and chain stores across the United States for 25 years. As time evolved, it was time to sell the company and move on to a new passion.

Later, Merydith decides to become licensed and join Richard with his passion to help individuals and families through financial services and life insurance.

As a Financial and Retirement Specialist, Merydith enjoys helping people at all different financial levels and stages of life. She guides and educates her clients to a retirement program that best fits their present and future lifestyle. She enjoys getting to know her clients and making a real connection and believes the best way to is to listen to peoples’ life stories.

Merydith and Richard live in New Jersey. They have two married children, a son and a daughter, and most recently their first grandchild. They are grateful for having a close-knit family and see them as often as possible.

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I am a small farmer, with my ranch located in the Southern Idaho and providing me with all my earnings. That’s why I signed up for insurance – to back up this humble pie of mine!


My son lost his left arm. Thanks to the health insurance service provided by this company, he got a fully-featured bionic limb. Thank you very much!


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